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Zombies are an oft misunderstood creature. Once upon a time, a zombie was a person just like you. They are regarded now as evil, as a horror. What many people don’t realize is that the walking dead aren’t really hungry for their brains. Quite the contrary – they don’t even like the taste of brains! In their own weird, maybe twisted way, unable to communicate due to lack of, well, living parts, zombies come up to the surface from their shallow graves to recruit the living. Whatever would they be recruited for, you might wonder to yourself? Deep below, in the dusty catacombs, there is a zone cut-off from the world of the living known as Zombie World. In Zombie World, your money from the surface-world isn’t accepted, but you will be given free zombie money to play. Use these zombie money to play free zombie slot machine games, casino games, all that your heart desires! Zombie World has no shortage of free demo slot machines. Pick and choose to your heart’s content – after all, you should count yourself fortunate that yours still works! Play games for free instantly with no real money and no download. You don’t need to sign-up or register. Each game is available right now, so don’t delay.