Free Ninja Slot Machines Online Instantly

Slip through the shadows as silent as a spirit of Shanghai. Creep past samurai swordsmen as they comb the city roads looking for you. Climb up the sides of buildings, your footsteps quiet as you sneak across shingles, jump into trees, and swing out over the river bank at our free ninja slots machine games. You are a ninja – an ancient order of Asian assassins. You are not like the rest of your kind, though. Where others might be sent on missions to take down powerful targets, your objectives are different. They are less bloody. You have been tasked with obtaining a rare diamond. It was tough – you cannot deny that – but perseverance and your strong inner will helped you defeat these ninja slot machine games to reveal the beautiful crystalline diamond waiting for you at the end. Amidst the treasures of the jackpot – gold and silver coins, rubies and sapphires, pearls and tanzanite – atop the largest pile there lay the diamond you were sent to retrieve. Not one to shirk a couple of extra earnings, you scooped up all that you could hold on your person and whisked away with the target – and some money for a new mask – without anybody ever knowing you were there.