Free Mystery Slot Machines Online

Whether you prefer to be seated in the back with Scooby Doo and the gang riding around the country in the Mystery Machine or accompanying the “man of iron” Sherlock Holmes and his ever faithful Watson, you’ve always had a sense of adventure and mystery, haven’t you? Explore the wonderland of the graveyard by moonlight in this mystery slot machines free online game and maybe you’ll see a ghost or three – maybe Casper the Friendly Ghost’s three troublesome uncles. Step inside the ghostly halls of the abandoned manse, nothing to hear but the sound of the wind as it hurries through the cracks in the walls. What was that crash? A ghost tipping over an old china plate or perhaps a crystal vase, encrusted with dirt and grime from years of neglect? Deep underground, in the basement, it was said that a mystic genie resides. Find him on the eve of Halloween and he will grant you three wishes. But be careful what you wish for, for the fortunes from your mystic dreams may not always play out the way you’d like. You can solve the mysteries instantly from any web browser, and absolutely free with our slot machines. You don’t need anything to get started – no money, no email, nothing. Just make sure you have a spare set of batteries for the flashlight.