Crazy Funky Monkey Online Slot Machines

Online Monkey Slot Machines Free Play

The jungle is full of surprises. There are prowling panthers, hanging sloths, skittering beetles, and crazy monkeys. You read that right: Crazy monkeys. Deep in the jungle, beyond the drooping vines and the dangling boas, past giant man-eating plants and oversized bugs, you find yourself face-to-face with the Mad Monkey King himself – Funky Monkey! The only thing you’ll be paying in these free monkey slot machines online games is your respects to King Monkey. (Hint: He really likes bananas – after all, he is still a monkey). These games are free, that means you don’t need to place a deposit or give anyone your credit card information – you won’t be asked for it. Instead, since our monkey is fond of games himself, you’ll only be asked to let loose and join in on the monkey business festivities as the two of you work together to get that big money jackpot! Remember, slot machines monkeys, well, a monkey. What need does he have for a couple of coins? Just be sure not to tell him that he could probably use those coins he’s been hoarding to buy himself a couple of big, delicious, and fresh yellow bananas.