Play Free Maya Slot Machines just for Fun

One of the most popular ancient civilizations is that of the Mayan peoples, who were the first civilization to fully develop a written language prior to the Columbian Americas. Many people, with a few refreshers, would probably recognize some of the Mayan art and architecture, symbolized by their monumental stepped pyramids and temples in our slot machines. When the Spaniards came across the seas, they attempted to subjugate the Mayan people who spoke out against the Spanish crown. The Spanish came in search of gold and treasure, but instead found a culturally rich civilization unawares to the danger that the eastern worlds posed to their simple life. The Mayan empire, as much of an empire as it can be so called, fell under the might of the Spanish thieves. Several centuries later, you now have the chance to travel back to explore the Mayan landscape one last time in search of their lost treasures. These free Mayan slot machine games with bonus rounds are teeming with ancient symbols significant to the people that lived there long, long ago. With unlimited free spins, you can spend as long as you like walking the steps of their grand temples. And with any luck you will win the favor of the gods and be gifted a wondrous jackpot.