Free King Slot Machine Games

Cash, treasure, fortune! Is your interest piqued yet? This is what the King of Africa has promised – a slice of the pie in exchange for sturdy adventurers willing to hunt down the mysterious and magical treasures of the three kings – frankincense, myrrh, and gold. Somewhere in the heart of the world, where legendary stories of the beginning of man and the birth of prophets take place, there is a cavern that hides deep within it these three treasures. These treasures – gifts from the old wise men, once mighty kings, to the child promised by prophecy – are said to grant their wielder any wish they ask for. Once they are granted their one wish, the treasures return to their place inside the cave. The trick is that the only way to enter the cave is through one of the free king slot machines online with features. Choose any one of them – all of the paths lead to the jackpot sought after by your king. And if you decided to keep all of the treasures for yourself, well, maybe you just might be able to wish for cash, treasure, and fortune all on your own. Your secret will be safe with us.