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Somewhere deep in the jungle, they say, a lion sleeps. Well, there is no lion here – this king of animals belongs on the grasslands, where it presides over its pride and its many queens. No, it is not a lion that waits, that hungers, in the dark heart of the jungle, where the quiet and the stillness and the fear of something following you, but never quite being able to see it, will drive you to madness. You will ned strength of will to survive at the damp, sweaty core, where even the buzzing of the bugs dulls to a distant afterthought. There, amidst the silverback gorillas and the blazing orange tigers is Tarzan, something between man and beast. In the jungle, it is he who is king, protecting every plant and every creature from the axe and gun of man. You too can be a part of his mission and swing from vines across winding rivers and around massive, gnarled trees. Load up one of these jungle slot machines with free bonus rounds and dive into the jungle. No deposit is required – it’s free to play slot machines, and the animals don’t accept your money in the wild. In fact, whatever you find, you can keep, so long as you promise to preserve the jungle’s integrity.