Insect Slot Machines Games for Fun

Every bug has a different story. For some bugs, like the chubby little caterpillar, it is their life’s mission to mutate into something more beautiful, such as the happy and lovely butterfly. For the mosquito, it seems as though their mission is to be annoying, pricking and sucking out blood, leaving behind an itchy, uncomfortable red bump. The cricket is a bit more peaceful, singing its song to potential mates within the swamps and forests throughout the land, though they need to be extra careful not to get eaten up by hungry birds. And while most people don’t know what it is exactly that beetles do in their spare time (they more or less spend their time eating), the scarab beetle is a familiar icon as an idol of worship for the ancient Egyptians. When nobody is looking, these little critters take a break from their mundane, ordinary bug lives and get together to play some free insect slot machines online with unlimited free games. Oh, yes, these little fellas have access to the web (no pun intended), and they love that the slot machines don’t ask them for an email (they don’t have emails on account of their short life expectancies). They would really love it if you joined them – on account that they need your help pulling the lever.