Dig Up These Gold Slot Machines Games

Bet whisked away, back to the City of Gold during the middle of the nineteenth century, where men were traveling West to discover new land and new adventures in search of stories of glittering gold amongst babbling brooks. The Gold Rush had people clamoring for a chance at riches beyond anything they had imagined before. You are accompanied by a group of goofy gold diggers and their attractive lady friend (who, unbeknownst to the gentlemen here, is actually a different sort of gold digger herself). It is your mission to collect gold – flakes, crumbs, or an entire gold bar – in the hopes that you’ll strike it rich and never have to set foot in a factory or on a farm ever again. Help your compatriots by picking, panning, and sifting for gold deep under northern California. Stunning 3D graphics, the sounds of creaks as the echo through the mine shaft, the swaying lantern hanging overhead – all of these rendered in beautiful high-definition graphics and accompanied by an entertaining soundtrack in each of these gold slot machines online with bonus features. You will never be required to sign-up for anything or enter any of your personal information. All you need to do is click and go and you’re already diggin’ for gold!