Imaginative Free Fairytale Slot Machines Online

Journey to a land of magic, where delightful little critters come straight out of your childhood stories and spring to life in these fairytale slot machines with bonus rounds. Traverse the forests of Fairyland to uncover riches and fortunes unlike any you’ve ever seen before. If you’re lucky, you’ll chance upon one of the residents here, a flittering sprite or a talking willow tree, or better yet the brooding witch that can sometimes be seen flying around at night atop her wooden broomstick! Follow the witch back to her manse and there you will find all sorts of knick-knacks and potions and enchanted critters, like the glowing, howling jack-o-lantern or the mysterious yellow-eyed cat. Anything is possible in this world of pretend. But who’s pretending, when you’ve got the chance to hit the jackpot and make a run of the place! The best part is that there is no admission fee for this dreamland – all of these fairytale slot machines are absolutely free to play, as long as you want and as many times as you want. You don’t need to register, you won’t be asked for your email or to sign-up for anything. And you won’t be cut-off from the fun.