Go Back to the Dawn of the Dinosaurs Slot Machines

Free Dinosaur Slot Machines Online

Step way, way back in time to the prehistoric age and the dawn of the dinosaurs in these for-fun free dinosaur slot machines with bonuses ready to play instantly without any registration. Wade through ancient jungles and discover the lost creatures of old, just like those seen in Jurassic Park! Giant armored dinosaurs with clubbed tails, the spiny stegosaurus, the three-horned triceratops bigger than a rhino, nests of hatching eggs, and the ferocious king of all the dinosaurs – the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex! Landing on one of the t-rex icons will set the beast to roaring, his massive jaw wide open to reveal his six-inch-long teeth. During the free dinosaur slot machines game, triggered by activating three dinosaur eggs, the t-rex' predatory instincts will flare to a maximum and it will attack other dinosaurs as it sets out to dominate. Despite its fearsome visage, the t-rex can help you escalate your points. Before you know it, you’ll be climbing to the top of the food chain to contend with the king himself. But dinosaurs aren’t all you have to look out for in this land of giants. Keep an eye out for the volcano as it is leaking lava from its spout and is set to erupt at any moment.