Free-to-Play Diamond Slot Machine Available Online

Diamond Slot Machine Online Games

Journey deep into the African jungles or plunge into long-forgotten mines in search of buried artifacts in these diamond slot machine free play games with bonus features, available to play now instantly with no download or registration required. Don your miner’s cap and light up your lantern as you head down into the black pits of this ancient mine. Discover crystals and chunks of jade and arctic blue sapphires and rich tanzanite as the mystical ambience of the treasure-bound cavern’s soft glow fueled only by your lantern fills the air around you. There are no wrong turns in our Diamond slot machines, so there’s no need to worry about hitting a dead end. When in doubt, load up your dynamite for free spins, giving you the chance to double or even triple your points earned! It’s a long way down, but you’re up for the challenge. When you land on three bonus round icons, you’ll have the chance to put your skills to the test. You’ll be strapped into a cart and thrust through one of the myriad winding mine shafts with a chance to collect as many of the glittering diamonds as you can find. Once you’ve gathered all that your satchel can hold, return to the surface with jewels fit only for a king or a queen.