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The streets of Gotham are teeming with criminals, and it is up to the Dark Knight Batman to bring them to justice. With you at his side as his trusty companion, there is nothing this dynamic duo cannot accomplish. Do not be seduced by the mischievous Catwoman. Though it seems as though she might mean well, she is only out to protect her own tail. Should the two of you find yourself in dire straits, Green Lantern and Superman have taken to the skies to lend help where help is needed. These comic book-themed DC Comics slot machines online are free to play instantly. With all of your powers combined, you can defeat the evil that has penetrated Gotham’s streets and threatens the safety of its citizens and claim the bonus reward jackpot for you and your team. With these earnings, the Super Friends can afford a new base of operations and new technology to keep not only Gotham safe, but the rest of the world, too! For each one of your missions, simply click on any one of the available free virtual casino games stylized after you favorite comic book heroes. The slot machines game will open up in your browser and you’ll be set to enjoy unlimited free spins.