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Chinese art is beautiful, and it has remained so over the years, since the rise of the ancient Chinese dynasty. Today, Chinese art and architecture is most notably recognized by the porcelain of its China stores, but there are many other things that the Chinese are known for besides their artisanship. For example, the wild panda once roamed the bamboo forests peaceably, though now they are confined to zoos to protect the species from petering out of existence. Most people have also heard of the Chinese New Year, a celebration perhaps most identified by the animals that mark each year, such as the rat, the horse, and the dragon. When it comes to food, the Chinese are known for their rice, their dumplings, and of course their fortune cookies. But if you’re looking for something of an adventure, maybe you would be interested in these Chinese slot machines games online. They’re free and they incorporate a little bit of everything, from ancient Chinese history to current popular Chinese icons. These Chinese slot machines will give you a chance to experience some of the symbolism the Chinese are most known for throughout the modern world while also letting you take a shot at unlocking some bonus jackpot winnings.