Unlimited Play Banana Slot Machines for Free

You wake up to find yourself stranded on what appears to be a stranded island, with no friends or family or strangers around you. You are totally alone, and at first you begin to fear that this is it for you. As you make your way inland through the hanging heavy leaves and the warm tropic air, sweat clings to your neck and your arms, but you press onward. In the distance you hear a monkey and the growl of a wild tiger and just as fear is about to totally take over you push away a thick curtain of vines and there before you a paradise of crystal blue water and, perhaps best of all, other people just like you! Up above there is a great neon sign that reads: “Banana Splash”. Without a second thought you jump right into the cool and refreshing water to join the rest of those having their fun. All around the island are banana slot machines games, pool floats shaped like giant bananas, and somebody in a dancing banana costume. Games and fun, where did it all come from? You don’t care, nor should you. It’s all here for you for free. Each one of these slot machines are here for you to play for free for as long as you like, without a limit.