Free Arabian Slot Machine Games Instant Play

In these free Arabian slot machine games online, you will find yourself deep in the Cave of Wonders, a hidden trove buried deep beneath the desert sands, available only during the nights where the moon is new. Underneath the roiling desert above you will find treasures and gold, ruby charms and sapphires, too. Mountains upon mountains of glistening yellow coins, beyond anything you could have ever imagined. And atop a winding narrow staircase, far into the belly of cavern, sitting above all of the rest, there is a golden lamp. Rubbing it clean will release an ancient slumbering genie, whereupon you will be granted a number of wishes – three to be exact – for anything that you desire. Do you want more spins at slot machines? You genie assure you that you already have an unlimited amount! Bonus rounds? With a broad swipe of his arm, the genie shows you all of the free bonus rounds you already have. But what about that jackpot? Ah, yes, the jackpot, to increase the gold you’ve inherited a thousand times over. Perhaps that should be your wish! Perhaps you should wish for the jackpot overflowing, and your wish will be his to grant.